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Index Introduction page.

Welcome Page Some background into why driver education is important and why PRIDE Road Safety driver education is better than many others.

Driver Training Explaining some of the methods of driver education programs available at PRIDE Road Safety.

Young Drivers Some food for thought regarding young drivers and driver education.

Older Drivers Some insight into the subject of older drivers and the need for some form of driver education.

Daytime Running Lights Some information regarding the use of daytime running lights.

Following Distance (3-seconds)

Skills Training Questioning the effectiveness of skills-based training.

Optimism Bias Refers to the your perceived level of exposure on the roads.

Fatigue Some facts relating to driving and fatigue.

Links Some road safety, driver education and related links.

Resources References used on this site.

About A little about PRIDE.

Contact Us Mail, telephone and email information for PRIDE Road Safety.

Drive carefully - It's not only cars that can be recalled by their makers!

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